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When Should I Do a Balance Transfer?

Questioning when to do a balance transfer? It may or may not work for you since it depends on a few factors including your debt amount. Here's when a...

8 min. read


When Should I Apply for a Credit Card?

Want a credit card but don't know when to get one? It's important to get a credit card when you're ready. That means having a good credit score, and...

10 min. read


How Much Money Should I Keep In My Checking Account?

Don't know the amount you need to keep your checking account in good shape? Different checking account fees can mess that up. Here's an amount...

10 min. read


Why Should You Have a Good Relationship With Your Bank?

There are great benefits to having a relationship with your bank. Two include a better banking experience and avoiding fees. Here are more reasons...

6 min. read


Check Register Template

This check register template will help you balance your checking account, stay on track of your transactions, and keep you in control of your...


How to Balance Your Checking Account

Balancing your checking account is not hard. It's a great way to track spending and avoid fees. Here are the steps that will get your account...

9 min. read